TATE x Drips and Runs

The first thing I did when I came to London for the first time was to visit TATE modern.

Two years later I'm invited to paint at TATE. I'm super exited and proud to be a part of Drips and Runs. The event will take place the 2nd of november and will be availaible to see live online.

Drips and runs is a live streaming event where artists are collaborating on a piece together.

TATE X DRIPS session, these artist are painting:

  • Ali Hamish

  • Amara Por Dios

  • The Real Dill

  • Himbad

  • Fanakapan

  • Captain Kris

  • Obit

  • Pang

  • Saki

  • Six1Six

  • Tony Boy

  • Tate Collective London member: Clara Bacou

Big up to Seedsone and Daggs.

Check out more and stream live at http://www.dripsandruns.com/

More info at TATE

#dripsandruns #dripsandtate #tate

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